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Mission Statement

The Organization of American Firefighters (OAF) has as its main objective to promote institutional cooperation between firefighting organizations across America, in order to professionalize the management of local fire departments.

All OAF projects are guided by a firm conviction on cooperation and mutual learning as growth strategy; and are formulated based on the values of professionalism, open and inclusive participation, and respect for the community and the social value of the firefighter’s vocation.


To be, in ten years, the continental reference organization in training, intervention strategies and technological innovation in equipment for firefighters.


Organization of American Firefighters efforts focus on ensuring that all firefighting organizations of the continent have the tools to achieve excellence training and joint work high standards so that each firefighter can respond efficiently and securily to the requirements of their community and reduce the risk of disasters.

> To integrate:

To reunite firefighters’ institutions in order to share experiences and provide support to each other work, across the continent. To be the representative voice of the needs and challenges of firefighters of the region, promoting institutional links, permanent contact and discussion with  industry players.

> To train:

Provide free training of excellence to member organizations, with curriculum designed by the best specialists in each country. Harmonize the curricula of training for firefighters, under the recognition of standards, procedures, and common instructive.

> To standardize:

To promote and expand high standards of training, intervention and equipment between the fire departments of the continent.

“Since OBA was born, we seek to arouse enthusiasm , spread optimism and encourage participation. I feel that we have the opportunity and the obligation to add our contribution to the construction of this great dream. Common good is our flag.”

Carlos Ferlise
OAF's President