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OAF attended to the 1st. International Firefighting Meeting, in Cuba

July 1, 2015

Representatives of Organization of American Firefighters (OAF) traveled to La Habana, Cuba, to participate in the 1st. International Volunteer Firefighting Meeting. The event  aimed to discuss the forms, ways and means to strengthen the exchange of experience and assistance between associations, federations or volunteer fire departments.

“Organization of American Firefighters is our own dream of the great nation. It is our way to honor the history of our nations, which have managed to grow and progress through unity and cooperation. For us, there is not “the Americas” but a single American continent rich, diverse and thriving”. With these words, Carlos Ferlise, OAF, introduced the inaugural conference and invited all the present to join the Organization.

The delegation was also integrated by Dr. Otto Mazariegos Deny Finch, President Asociación Nacional de Bomberos Municipales Departamentales (ASONBOMD, Guatemala) and Marco España, Gerente General of the same institution.

Marco was commissioned to provide an exposure to the assembly oabout the mission and future of OAF, which aroused the interest of local delegations to join the institution.

In addition, the team visited the training center for city firefighters and Carlos Ferlise received an award from Roberto la Barca, President of the Association of Volunteer Fire Cuba.