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OAF and Miami Business Consulting Inc work together to integrate over 100 new members before 2018

January 23, 2015

Organization of American Firefighters has signed an agreement with the consultant to achieve this objective in a period not exceeding three years. The 22 current members of OBA grouped over 1.3 million firefighters from 13 countries. Miami Business Consulting also work in spreading OAF’s Sponsorship Program.

American Organization of Firefighters (OAF), institution of international cooperation between firefighters across America, plans to integrate 100 new firefighting institutions among its active members before 2018. Based on this goal, it has selected Miami Business Consulting as the consultancy agency appointed to lead the creation of partnerships across the region. Representatives of both parties met in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to review the details of OAF’s Strategic Plan 2015-2019, which aims to transform OAF into the leading organization of cooperation and integration of firefighters in the Americas.

Organization of American Firefighters (OAF) is a coordinating institution created as a forum for exchange and consultation for fire associations across America. Currently, it has 22 members representing 13 countries and more than 1.3 million firefighters. In condition of adherents also involves the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) – greater international body emitter fire-safety standards-, the MAPFRE Foundation and the Asociación de ProfesionalesTécnicos de Bomberos de España.

100 new members, target 2018
Organization of American Firefigthers plans to incorporate in a period of three years 100 new councils and fire departments of the continent in a big body to normalize the work and training based on providing the best professional support to its members through contributions and special programs.

Sponsorship opportunities
Miami Business Consulting has been delegated with the task of approaching to companies in the sector to offer Department sponsorship options tailored to their needs. Collaborating with Organization of American Firefighters is a contribution to the professionalization and development of the continent firefighters and thus a valuable contribution to the creation of safer communities through disaster risk reduction.

In addition, the sponsors have access to the advice and expertise of OAF regarding to the fire-fighting activity, as well as it support. Sponsoring Organization of American Firefighters constitutes, thus, a unique opportunity for positioning your company`s message between firefighters and firefighters across America..

Contact and additional information
MBC and OAF invite you to contact Alejandro Aguilar for more information abot the Sponsorship Program to: